Educators are critical for the successful implementation of any technology. Acrobatiq by VitalSource can use data to demonstrate the dramatic impact instructors—and their course policies—can have on courseware engagement. Acrobatiq courseware incorporates learning content, formative practice, homework assignments, adaptive practice, and summative assessments into a single learning environment for students, with additional data dashboards for instructors. Previous research has shown that the Learn by Doing approach, central to the courseware, has a six-times effect size on learning than reading alone, so engaging with the formative practice is critical to student success. A statewide system of colleges used Acrobatiq’s Probability and Statistics courseware in a grant-funded initiative. The instructors were all provided extensive training on the courseware features, instructor dashboards, and pacing suggestions before the term began, however, each instructor was able to dictate how they incorporated the courseware into their teaching practice and course grades. Acrobatiq analyzed the courseware data using a visualization tool called Engagement Graphs and found a surprising level of variability between instructors. These findings demonstrate the impact instructors and their policies have on the successful implementation of the courseware. Because engagement is a vital component for the learning benefit of the courseware learning environment, Acrobatiq wishes to share these findings in an interactive format and utilize a data-driven workshop session to ideate with educators on teaching practices and product features which could fully leverage the capabilities of courseware. In this intersection of learning science-based technology and teaching practice is immense potential to increase student success.